Friends of Joseph's Journey

We send our thoughts and prayers to those that have left us way too soon.

Jarrod Sarason - 23 years old, died 1/26/2011. He is the son of Chief Jay Sarason, the Chief of Law Enforcement of DOW. He volunteered at the Joseph’s Journey Fishing Derby and spent a lot of time with Kim Steuart.
Dustin Kitchen - died August 10, 2008. He was an avid outdoors man, and worked in his spare time as a tour guide for Big Mountain Outfitters out of Utah. He was employed by Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream who is also who is a supporter of Joseph's Journey.
Ira Stradell - died July 2007. He was a supporter of Joseph's Journey, and his daughter, Dani East, was a Board Member of Joseph's Journey.
Susan Menard (Silly The Clown) - died May 24, 2007. She was a dedicated clown and volunteer of Joseph's Journey who made appearances at our fishing derbys and shared her talent as a clown with the children.
Charlie Nelson - died January 31, 2006. He was a dedicated volunteer who came to our annual fishing derbys and shared his love and talent of fly tying with the children.
Barbara Beres - died September 1, 2005. She was a dedicated volunteer who shared her love of fishing with children at our several of our annual fishing derbys.
Bethany Slaven- died August 31, 2005. She was called Princess Buttercup. Bethany was the granddaughter of Kerry Slaven who served on the board for Joseph's Journey.
Delbert Bishop - was an avid fisherman whose family supports Joseph's Journey.
Sean D. McMillan (Helping Machine) - died at the age of 25. His family supports Joseph's Journey.
Ben Brauch II - 1939-2015. Ben’s love for sports, fishing, hunting, and teaching kids has impacted so many lives through his life’s journey. His family felt it appropriate to make donations in Ben’s memory to Joseph’s Journey.

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